ANMC has a vision of being a role-model agricultural company in Nepal and a big hub for community farmers who adopt advanced technology and increase productivity.


Be the number one agricultural company and contribute to significant growth of agricultural sectors


Arava Nepal Modern Agriculture Company (ANMC), established in 2016, is a Public Ltd. Co. incorporated by the youths returnees of Israel (graduated students form Israel), NRNA members and persons from different business background. The company primarily aims at: i) introducing the advanced technology in agricultural sectors for the rise of productivity; ii) train youths in advanced agriculture; and iii) promote agro-tourism at the community level by engaging local farmers and Arava team. As an agrarian country, modernization in the agriculture is inevitable to get rid of subsistence farming. ANMAC believes that if Nepalese economies are to progress dramatically, the nation should first boost agricultural sectors which are the government's priority, too.

The team has  in mind, the group has started with the initiation of integrated farming cum training and development of agricultural sectors which will be fulfilled by the establishment of Model Integrated Farming Village.

With the excellent references of knowledge and skills learned from Israelis Agriculture systems, we are going to grab the opportunities in agriculture scenario of Nepal. We mainly deal in production, processing, manufacturing, supplying and retailing of agricultural commodities. Similarly, we focus on the training and Agro-tourism and to build a community-based Model Smart Village (similar to Moshav) to achieve our goal of AICAT. The team is influenced by the Moshav and Kibbutz of Israel where community farmers work together for agricultural production.

It is also imperative to note that 75% promoters are earthquakes victims (2015) whose house has been collapsed and the income cycle has been disrupted. Such incident has given the team a lesson that any activities carried out will be earthquake resistant/resilient. We shall create earthquake resistant/resilient agronomy so that such disasters will have minor impacts on the people in the future. On top of that, the company promotes the community farming where all the farmers of our areas will be benefitting from our technology. We grow with the community and create a conducive environment for all farmers associated with us.


  1. Promoting the integrated farming through the massive use of agricultural friendly; technology in the farming process;
  2. Uniting the farmers for advanced farming process;
  3. Providing training to agricultural enthusiasts and help them progress;
  4. Increasing shareholders' values through the systematic business development; and
  5. Establishing supply chain management.


  1. To adopt the integrated agricultural system by using the skills, education and capability earned in abroad especially from Israel
  2. To Attract the farmers to commercial farming practices by organizing training within and outside the nation on agricultural marketing, use of technology in agriculture
  3. Initiate and promote agro-tourism with the involvement of community farmers
  4. Promote the investment on poultry, fish keeping, herb farming, livestock and the like.


  • Professionalism
  • Technology driven
  • Dedication to agriculture
  • Training and Development
  • Mutual Respect
  • Community Participation