First field Lamjung, Prabin Pramod Khatiwada

Integrated Farming

Integrated farming is a major approach of ANMC on which it seeks to develop the community farming. Along with the aim of promoting integrated farming through the community involvement, we focus on the use of modern technology for improving the productivity.  Integrated farming requires different types of skills, which are in abundance with ANMC. For example raising pigs, poultry farming, crop and vegetable farming, growing grass and aquatic plants and farming of the fishes could be our project intervention.

Adoption of the practice of Integrated Farming will help improve productivity; income to the community farmers; best utilise the wastage; minimize the cost of production, integration of the land to best utilise the advanced technology. Similarly, we also work on the promotion of one village one product strategy. First ANMC will set up integrated farming and the community is imparted with the knowledge and practice of such farming. In addition, the technical support is provided for the farmers.

Agricultural Training

Agricultural Training Centre Establishment is a paramount objective of ANMC. We understand that the productivity can increase only when the trained workforce is engaged in the agricultural activities. ANMC has thus proposed to conduct Farmer's Field School, as the agricultural training centre. This school is a place where the aspiring youths and farmers are trained and engaged in agricultural practices.

ANMC undertakes it as a social unit and continuously contributes to the constructive growth of agriculture sectors of Nepal by providing quality training. This training school will be model agricultural training schools where any farmers can participate and grow the productivity and profit level through a modern agricultural system.

This will be the only training institute backed by a group of experienced human resources trained in Israel. We also coordinate with international training institutes and exchange training programmes. Thus, this school will not only provide training, but it will also provide opportunities for further international training especially in Israel in the days to come.

Agricultural Training At Arava
Green House Farming of Arava Nepal' first field Lamjung


Because Nepal is an agricultural country with a variety of landscape, agro-tourism has a greater scope to contribute to the development and well-being of the farmers. Naturally, in a country like Nepal, agro-tourism can be taken into promoting nation's good. As ANMC has come up with the concept of modern integrated agriculture, its working area will be worth visiting and attraction for the tourist. This will give the visitors a chance to experience modern agricultural at first hand and enjoy green life. The nation also has priorities in the sector of agro-tourism, and agriculture development will boost the step.

ANMC is going ahead taking the community together. It works with the involvement of the local farmers so that they can taste the fruit of modern agriculture and improve their livelihood in diverse ways. Once we set up our activities, the following will be our attractions:

  1. High-tech Green House with modern irrigation and farming system
  2. Advanced cow farm where latest technology are used for quality production (at least we begin with 100 cows of company and other 100 cows of the community.
  3. Fish Farm
  4. Poultry farm with automatic feeding system
  5. Climate change adaptation system set up for educational purpose.
  6. Eco-friendly home stay management in the farming areas

The visitors will be coming and enjoying all these natural agricultural activities. On top of that, Lamjung is on the trekking path of Annapurna Base Camp. It can be the beginning point and resting point for the tourist. This farm will be of great attraction to the local and international people equally. With the flow of visitors, the income opportunities of locals are simply increased. We also promote home stay on our project site